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A Primer on Spiritual Development (Part 8)

Yesterday we investigated the relevance of spiritual development to our religious life. Today we discuss its relevance to our economic and political life.

20. What is the relevance of spiritual development to our economic and political life?

The relevance of spiritual development to our economic and political life is that it cures and prevents the social cancers spawned by these two aspects of our life.

Cancer is a disease wherein the cells grow abnormally with no control, destroying adjacent tissues, and spreading to other parts of the body.

That is what is happening to our society. Certain sectors of our economic and political systems are growing by leaps and bounds while the marginalized sectors suffer. Material goods are not distributed fairly to all sectors of the population. Instead there is an economic and political elite who hold a disproportionate amount of these material goods and the power to control them while the rest of the population languish in poverty and virtual slavery. Thus we have economic and political cancers in our society.

21. How does spiritual development cure and prevent these economic and political cancers in our society?

It does this by producing men and women who care for others and share the resources of creation equitably with them.

When a person is developed spiritually he/she becomes close to the Spirit who ultimately is the one responsible for creating our economic and political resources. This Spirit will move them to produce more and share what they produce in a fair and just way with others because he created all things for all people, not just for a few. In this way we will stop having small groups of people who control vast amounts of economic resources and political power to the detriment of the great majority. Those who are doing this now will reflect on their actions and change their ways once they are spiritually developed and people will be oriented towards producing and sharing with others, preventing the concentration of resources in the hands of a few people.

Tomorrow we will discuss why despite its relevance to the different areas of our life, spiritual development has not been given due emphasis in our personal development.

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