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A Primer on Spiritual Development (Part 4)

Yesterday we learned why most people think that human beings are composed only of body and soul.

Today we continue our primer on spiritual development. Our topic is on the meaning of “development” as applied to spiritual development.

10. You have already explained something about the spirit. This topic is about the development of the spirit. What do you mean by “development” in the phrase “spiritual development”?

The root meaning of development is uncovering. Notice that the word has the letters “velo”, which sounds like “veil”. “To de-velo” or “de-velop,” therefore, means “to take away the velo, the veil, to uncover, to unwrap.”

Development, then, means the result or act or state whereby uncovering is done.

When this uncovering is done we discover the real spirit. Then the spirit can grow, can uncover its potentialities. It can fly. It can fill the world.

11. Your meaning of development is interesting. It reminds us of planting seed in the ground and covering it with soil. The development of this seed involves the gradual growth of the seed upward taking away the soil which covers it. Does something similar happens in spiritual development?

Exactly. In spiritual development the seed of the spirit is planted in us. Then this seed grows uncovering that which covers it, our human ideas, actions and our environment. As this spirit grows its effects become more and more visible (since we cannot see the spirit itself, only its effects, just as we cannot see air or wind itself, only its effects).

12. Now, it is getting more interesting. Do you mean to say that the spirit has a seed just as a plant or animal or a human being has a seed?

Yes, the spirit has a seed, just like the plants, animals, and human beings.

13. And what is this seed? Where can we get it?

This seed is the word of God. And we get this seed from the Scriptures, because these contain the word of God.

In Luke 8:11 Jesus said, “The seed is the word of God.”

Tomorrow we will explain more about this seed of the spirit and the relevance of spiritual development in our life.

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