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Your Spiritual Development Plan

No building rises up without a plan. The higher and bigger the building the more extensive is the plan. No spiritual life shoots up to the heavens without a plan. There is a plan and this plan is called spiritual development plan. You may want to ask this question: What is my spiritual development plan? This article discusses what this spiritual development plan is about.

What a Spiritual Development Plan Is

A spiritual development plan is a blueprint whereby a person knows how she is going to develop spiritually. In other words it is a set of instructions whereby the person would know how she is going to proceed in spiritual development until she reaches her goal in this area of her life.

Thus a spiritual development plan is like the plan of a building. In the plan of a building we see the drawing of that building telling us where it stands, how deep is the foundation, the height of the building and the structures around the building. Seeing this drawing the engineers and the carpenters will be guided on how to put up the building.

In a spiritual development plan we see the steps in the unfolding of this development of the spiritual life. We can notice the foundation of this life, the nature of this spiritual life and the environment around which it grows. Looking at this vision of the spiritual life the director or the life coach and the person building her spiritual life will be guided on what to do to progress in her spiritual life.

A Building Greater Than the Temple of Jerusalem

Your spiritual development plan is more extensive than the plan of the temple of Jerusalem. It is said that this temple which was destroyed in 70 A.D. was one of the most beautiful buildings in the ancient world. It was in fact the masterpiece of Herod the Great who rebuilt it.

That was the plan of a building made of stones and mortars. It was a place where the Jews offered their sacrifices, prayed and taught their doctrines. Your spiritual development plan is a plan of a building, not made of perishable stones and mortar, but made of eternal spiritual realities. Here in this building made of spiritual realities God, the Creator and Lord of all, will dwell and live. He will dwell in you and will be with you to transform, direct and guide your life to its ultimate destination.

You better make sure that you thoroughly know this plan and follow its instructions to the minutest detail. The success of your spiritual development depends upon the correct execution of the plan in this development. In future articles I am going to discuss the details of this spiritual development plan. Here I have merely discussed what this spiritual development plan is about.

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