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3 Tips for Developing Your Personal Spiritual Gifts

If you are a Christian you have one or more personal spiritual gifts. No genuine Christian has an absence of personal spiritual gift. The tragedy in many Christian lives is that most of them do not develop these gifts given to them. They go through life unable to bless themselves and others with the rich benefits attached to these gifts because they have not developed them. Here then are 3 tips for developing your personal spiritual gifts.

Recognize Your Gift or Gifts

The first tip is that you recognize your gift. This is very basic. You cannot develop something that you do not know exist. You cannot develop a piece of property if you do not know its worth. Some lands have been left idle because their owners have not recognized their potential to raise most valuable crops. Some barren areas around cities have been abandoned because their usefulness as subdivisions was not recognized.

Your personal spiritual gift will remain unused, idle, abandoned unless you recognize it. How do you recognize it then?

There are three signs you can use to discern the gift that is given you. The first is that you have an ability to do something which your companions do not have. It may simply be that you have a better voice in singing. Or you can speak clearly to a group of people. Sometimes your gift from the Spirit can combine with your natural talent.

The second sign that you have this gift is that you exercise this ability with ease or great facility. You do not force yourself to do it. It flows, as it were, from your body or mind. It is very natural for you to sing gracefully. It is very natural for you to give clear explanations to people.

And the third sign that you have this gift is that you exercise this gift without any thought of monetary gain. If you exercise your gift to earn something, it becomes a mere talent. If you sing extraordinary well and you join singing contests to win some prize your gift becomes a talent. In a similar way if you explain clearly to people and you use this gift to earn a degree in teaching your gift becomes a talent.

Give Thanks to the Giver of Your Gifts

Once you recognize your gift, give thanks to its giver, the Spirit of God. And this act of gratitude is not something that you do once. It is an abiding attitude in you. Every day you are grateful for this gift and every moment of the day you are in this attitude of gratefulness.

Many of us think as though the gift given to us is something that is ours by right. Therefore we do not give thanks to its giver. Or if we do, we do it occasionally. The really grateful heart is one with an abiding sense of thankfulness to the giver of all gifts. Before and after exercising this gift it is best to explicitly give thanks to the Spirit of all gifts.

Use Them for the Benefit of Others Without Any Compensation

And the third tip I can give you to develop your personal spiritual gifts is that you use them for the benefit of others without any compensation, either monetary or honorary.

Many gifts in the church have degenerated into talents because their possessors use them to gain some monetary gain. A gifted singer becomes a concert performer and gets monetary reward. A gifted author writes a best seller and becomes rich with the royalties from the sale of his book. A gifted healer charges his patients with “donations”.

The principle to be observed here is that freely you have been given this gift, freely give it to others.

If you observe these three tips, the giver of all gifts will develop further your gift or gifts and may even give you more gifts. The principle that operates here is that he who has something and can be trusted with more will have more.

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