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How to Avoid Committing the Sin of Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Many are inquiring what blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is. Some are even afraid or suspecting that they might have committed this kind of blasphemy, or are in danger of doing so. They are especially afraid since they are told that this sin cannot be forgiven here on earth or in the next life.

What the Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit Is

Actually the idea of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is very simple. It is attributing to the Devil the work of the Holy Spirit. When there is something done that is clearly good, like healing, and you say that this healing or good thing comes from the Devil , then you are blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

How I Could Have Blasphemed the Holy Spirit

Let me give an example from my own life. For 27 years I had suffered from a chronic skin disease called eczema in my hands and feet. I had consulted many physicians about this. I was given many medicines, both ointments and tablets. After taking the medicines the condition of my skin would improve, but after a while the disease would come back. A higher dose of medicine was then necessary to contain the skin irritations and swelling. This was the cycle for those 27 years: skin inflammation with redness, itching, lesions, then taking of medicines, a temporary cure, back to the inflammation again.

The worse part of this disease was that there were so many foods I could not eat if I did not want the eczema to recur. I could not eat pork, shrimps, chicken, and other tasty foods.

In 1986 I went to an old woman in our village who was reputed to cure some diseases that could not be cured by the doctors of conventional medicine. What she did was she just brushed my body with a shrub that she pulled out from her backyard. Then she told me not to take a bath for three days. She uttered some words as she brushed the shrub on my body. But I could not understand the words she uttered.

That was all. I got cured of eczema forever. From that time I could eat any of the food which was forbidden for me to eat before lest my skin would get inflamed again.

This woman was not particularly religious. She was poor. Her house was very simple. Her manners were very ordinary.

If I say that she performed her cures by the power of the Devil I would be committing the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

In general, then, to attribute any good thing to the Devil as the source of that good thing is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

You need not mention or think explicitly of the Holy Spirit to commit this kind of blasphemy. It is enough that you attribute to the Devil any good thing that you see, perceive or that happens before you.

For example, you say, “By the power of the Devil I won in the lottery.” This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit although you did not mention the Holy Spirit and although winning the lottery is only a relative good because lottery itself is morally objectionable.

The Pharisees did not mention the Holy Spirit when they blasphemed him, as recorded in Matthew 12. They just said that Jesus did a good thing, the curing of the blind and dumb man, by the power of the Devil.

How To Avoid Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

To avoid committing the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit never attribute any good thing to the Devil, even if the one doing it is a shaman or a witch doctor.

Concerning why this sin is unforgivable, it is because by this sin you deny the mercy of God. When you deny that God is merciful how can God show his mercy to you? You deny God’s mercy by virtually calling the Devil good, since you take him as the source of that particular good thing. You deny that God is the source of goodness, of mercy.

Now that you know what blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is, I hope that you will never commit this in your life. Because it is an unforgivable sin.

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