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The Obstacle To The Spread Of Genuine Christianity

In 1988 there have been 788 plans to evangelize the world from the beginning of Christianity. These plans were documented by Barrett and Reapsome in their book SEVEN HUNDRED PLANS TO EVANGELIZE THE WORLD.

Today 22 years later it is possible that there have been already more than 1,000 plans to evangelize the world, an increase of 212 more plans from the publication of that book.

And yet the conclusion of Barrett and Reapsome in their book on page 66 is still very true and very sadly so: We have not yet fulfilled the great Commission of spreading Christianity as we should.

Why? Why have we failed in spreading genuine Christianity around the world?

The Obstacle: Giving Only What Is Extra

There is one obstacle which has not been seen by almost all Christian leaders. This is the obstacle I want to discuss in this article.

This obstacle is most clearly described in an advertisement of a Church for getting funds to support its projects.

The advertisement airs a conversation between two elementary kids. One says that he will spend this much for transportation to and back from the school, another amount for snacks, then finally there is an extra 3 cents which he will give to the project of the church.

The second kid asks, What can 3 cents do for that project? It is too small an amount.

And the first kid retorts, If these 3 cents are combined with other 3 cents they can do a lot; they can save lives.

That is the advertisement. The Church that puts up this advertisement hopes to generate a sizable amount for its projects, like evangelization.

And that is the weakness of almost all the plans to evangelize the world, to spread genuine Christianity around the world. They rely on funds that are the extra or what is left behind after personal, family and social needs are met.

In 1977 100 billionaires from the United States of America bankrolled a project called Here’s Life World. Indeed those billionaires gave a lot, but still it was the extra amount they could afford to foot the bill of that project. What was the result of this project? By the end of 1980 which was its target date it had not even increased genuine Christians by a 10 percent in population. It was a failure.

Why? Because the funds used for the project were only the extra that those billionaires could spare for such a project.

The obstacle to the spread of genuine Christianity is our mentality in giving to the project of spreading real Christianity all around us. We give only to the project what is extra, what we can spare after deducting from our earnings for our personal, family and social needs.

Give It Your All

If we are going to be really serious in spreading genuine Christianity we have to give all that we earn for this project, saving only a little amount for our sustenance.

The best example is still Paul the Apostle. He worked as a tent maker. The reason why he worked as a tent maker was not to meet his personal, family and social needs. The reason was in order that he would have something to spend for his mission of spreading Christianity among the non-Jews of his day. And he succeeded in a most outstanding manner.

When Christians are spiritually awakened from their centuries’ sleep in missions we shall have an ever widening spread of genuine Christianity among us. It is indeed a long overdue time for spiritual awakening.

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