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Free and Full Christian Service

The Spirit of God leads us to prayer and to his written word in order to develop us spiritually. There is one more thing that he uses to finalize, so to speak, his work of spiritual development in us. And this is free and full Christian service. He leads us to serve others freely and with all the powers and resources he has put in us for this work.

The Purpose of the Miracles

If we read the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles we notice that Jesus and his disciples served other people’s needs. They healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons, feed the hungry, gave drink to those who were in the marriage feast, and so forth. These are usually termed as miracles.

When we were studying the Christian religion we were taught that these miracles were done to prove that Jesus was God. And because many today already believe that Jesus is God, we were taught that God had made his point clear through the miracles he once performed and therefore there is no need anymore for miracles during our time. People already believe that he is God and there is no need for Jesus to prove to these people that he is God by miracles.

Such a view does not understand the real purpose of the so-called miracles. They forget that if Jesus’ primary purpose in performing those miracles were to prove that he was God, then he was using only those people upon whom he performed the miracles. Such cannot be the case. Jesus does not use people, he loves them.

The real purpose of the so-called miracles was to help people, to serve them.

Miracles Were Done by Jesus as Man

Secondly, this view forgets the fact that Jesus performed these miracles not by his divine power, but because as man he trusted in God. He again and again called himself “son of man” to tell us that he was truly man. And Paul tells us that he left the form of God and became as fully human as we are except in the matter of sin. He was sinless because he obeyed God in everything.

It was by faith that he performed all those miracles. That is why he told us that if we have faith we can also perform what he performed, and greater than those which he did.

Jesus’ Followers Continued the Work of Helping Others

When Jesus left the earth physically the Apostles carried on the ministry of serving others. They healed the sick, raised the dead, fed the hungry, especially the widows. When there was a complaint that the Greek speaking widows were not properly taken care of, the Apostles instituted the group of deacons to take care of the widows. From then on the deacons were more and more in charge of the temporal needs of the church members.

The Situation Today

Today there are very many members of Christian churches who are poor, hungry and destitute. No one, even among the leaders of the church, the successors of the Apostles and deacons, seems to take care of them freely and fully. If there is real spiritual development the Spirit will lead us to take care of these poor church members.

We are not fully developed spiritually unless these poor church members are given their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, education and medicine.

The Reason for this Situation of Un-served Church Members

And the reason why we do not do this is because we do not obey the Spirit in his leading us to prayer and his written word, in his preaching and teaching.

If we pray as he tells us to pray, if our church leaders preach the Good News of our complete salvation in Jesus, if our church teachers show us more and more of the character of Jesus by their words and works, then we will have Christians who will serve other Christians as Jesus want them to be served. Because we will have Christians after the heart of Christ.

Free and Full Service

This service is free. For Jesus said, Freely you have received, freely give. But in most of our hospitals run by Christian religious people the price of the services is just too much for these poor people.

This service is full. For Jesus said, Love one another as I love you and he also wants us to serve others as we would have them serve us. But in many situations the rich are given preferential service by our church leaders. And the poor are given partial attention only.

There is so much to be done in our spiritual development. Until the poor are served freely and fully, we cannot say we are spiritually developed as a church of Jesus.

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