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Three Steps To Finding New Life With New Parents

All of us who were born into this world were born of a pair of parents, a father and a mother. We were not able to choose these parents. Some of these parents were good and stayed together to raise us up as best they could. Others did not stay together and one of them or both abandoned us. But whatever might have happened, we are stuck with our biological parents. We were not able to choose them.

In a similar way we were not able to choose what kind of life we would lead. Those of us born in a rich family enjoyed the amenities and luxuries of this kind of life. Those of us born in a poor family had to suffer the lack of necessities of such a condition.

But rich or poor when we were reaching adulthood a desire came to us to improve our lives. Many rich kids grew up with their parents away from them most of the time. They were given over to the care of domestic helpers or nannies. Now that they are entering adulthood they desire a new life, one that would give them more time with their parents.

Many poor kids want to improve the financial situation of their family. And for this they help in the work of their parents, whether it is tilling the soil, selling in the sidewalks of the city, or scavenging for usable materials in the garbage dump site. But deep inside, they want a new life, a way out of their poverty.

What most of us do not realize is that we can have a completely new life and in this new life we can choose our parents, unlike in the human life where we are stuck with our biological parents.

Here are the three steps to enter a new life and choose a new set of parents.

1. Look for the Word of God and read it. Read the Bible if you are a Christian. If you are a Muslim, read your Bible, the Sacred Qur’an. Or if you are a Hindu or Buddhist or whatever, read what your religion considers as sacred writings.

2. The second step is think again and again of what these books tell you about God. This is crucial. Most of us who read the Bible or our religion’s sacred writings think about what the writings say we must do in order to be happy. This will not be so in your case. You will not think of what you are supposed to do, but of what and who God is. You can do this for as briefly as five minutes a day.

3. Keep on doing this second step until the day comes when you realize that you are becoming like the God whom you are reading and thinking about. This may take years or it may take months. But it will be worth the time, waiting, and effort. When the point of time comes that you feel a deep and complete satisfaction in your life, rejoice and be really happy. You will have God as your father, his spirit as your mother. You will be born into a completely new life. You will become spiritual, like God himself.

People tend to complicate things. People also tend to exclude from their group those that do not agree with them. But when we realize that we are all human beings and capable of becoming divine beings by being born of God, we will recognize one another as brothers and sisters either in the human life or in the divine life.

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